Mike Norris has been practicing law for 36 years. He is a former professor of Real Estate and Business Law at the University of Colorado, and has dedicated his life to helping people. The mission of the attorneys and staff at Mike Norris and Associates in Indianapolis, Indiana is primarily to provide legal and financial solutions for the financial difficulties of our clients.  We deliver effective legal services by educating the client about his/her choices.

Combining educational materials with sound financial counsel, we assist our clients in formulating financial workouts, such as defense of lawsuits in state and federal courts, bankruptcy, debt settlement, mortgage renegotiation (commercial or residential), and foreclosure defense. We hope that a firm understanding of financial management strategies will help give all of our clients a bright financial

Credit card debt, ballooning mortgage payments, health care costs and many other burdens have left the average family and small businessman facing foreclosure by banks and constant harassment from other creditors. In the 36 years spent running my own business, I’ve learned that solutions aren’t always easy–but they can be found.

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Indianapolis Small Business and Consumer Protection Attorney: bankruptcy, debt settlement, and student loan relief